Learning From the Cold

The cold greets me with its familiar refreshing touch as the cool air dances across my face. It embraces me earnestly, filling my lungs as a chill races up my spine. Heat begins to leave my body in waves from the core through the crown of the head. Shivers, small and then large begin to move the body as the mind erupts with thoughts of resistance.

As if summoned with the sweetness of sleep, my awareness begins to sink into my core as the breath gently guides me from above. The body begins to huddle around the abdomen as if leaning in for the warm touch of a fire. A soft heat begins to spread outward in every direction from the core, it feels like lava as it sinks into the legs and rises along the spine.

The heart grows warm and the shivering is soothed. The tips of the fingers pull the awareness to the surface of the skin and all areas only lightly touched by the inner fire like a summer breeze. Sinking back into my core I spend some time swaying with the heats embrace until the tips of the fingers call for my attention once more. I humbly bow with gratitude and thank the cold for today’s lesson; and for sharing it’s silent bliss.

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