Gathering With The Masters (11/2013)

This story was originally written in 2013 to share the experience with fellow students of The Divine Science School, to encourage them to visit their teachers and temple. May it be well received by all with an earnest desire to grow.


The Arrival

I exited the plane with a great sigh of relief, looking around for familiar faces to see if anyone had shown to pick me up. Recognizing no one, I assumed that no one was able to make their way down so it was up to me to get to the student house on my own. I’m not big on using cabs as a primary source of transportation, but there was clearly no other way I was getting there, so I walked outside and a nice gentlemen working for the airport greeted me and hailed one over.

The cabby was an older gentlemen with a raspy voice and a regular deep, congested cough, as if from a lifetime of smoking. I asked him how expensive he estimated the ride to be, considering I only had around $60 in cash left on me at the time. He asked the location and shook his head in confusion for a moment before saying that it would run me around $60 – $65. For me, this was both relieving and bewildering. Never in my life have I paid a cab $60 for a ride anywhere, though, I didn’t have much of a choice in this instance.

The ride over was surreal for me. This was it, this was what I had been waiting for and looking forward to for months, and now I was in route. As we got closer the gps navigated us to turn down a road that didn’t seem to be much of a road at all. It seemed more like they plowed out a path and stuck a street sign in the dirt. As we drove, bouncing and rocking from the bumps in the road, we continued until we came across a small home situated a few yards from a beautiful lake. There were no cars in the driveway, and no one to be found. I grabbed my bag and hopped out of the cab, but not before paying the driver, which coincidentally, was the exact amount I had on me, minus 50 cents that he wasn’t too concerned about.

As I approached the front door I noticed a sign that was just barely hanging on by a piece of tape. I tried to maneuver it so that I could make out what it said, and as I touched it a swarm of wasps exited from underneath and buzzed by my head. I’m not exactly too fond of stinging insects, especially when I’m near their home, so I backed off quickly and grabbed my phone. Obviously I had come at the worst possible time or I wasn’t in the right place, so I gave Demophon a call, to no avail. Running out of ideas I made my way back up to the sign, bent it back just enough to make out “Use Back Door.” I grabbed my bag and walked around.

I noticed a cat, sitting peacefully on an old wooden deck. It was something out of an old novel, the paint chipping away with stairs that felt warped, like they were liable to fall in at any moment. I knocked on the door and almost immediately got the feeling to try the handle. It was open. I opened it and was immediately greeted with the subtle scent of incense. I poked my head in and said hello, while simultaneously noticing a small altar situated in the middle of a mostly empty room. I knew this was the right place. I received no reply before just walking in. I took off my shoes, bowed before the altar, and began meditating.

At this point I was completely exhausted. I hadn’t slept or eaten anything substantial in well over 30 hours. In the midst of meditation, Demophon texted me, and after a brief conversation explaining that I had arrived and was alone, he told me that he would inform everyone, and so I put the phone down and continued my Askesis. I sat there meditating for roughly an hour and a half. I got up and walked around a bit. I grabbed my phone and searched for local restaurants that might deliver, only to find nothing, so I sat there just taking in the moment. At this point the fatigue was catching up to me so fast, all I could do was put my head in my lap, and the last thing I remember is my phone falling before I dozed off.

I’m not sure how much time passed, but what happened next was the beginning of a weekend like none other. I suddenly had an urge to wake up, not even realizing I had just been asleep. As I lifted my head, vision blurred, I noticed Teleson, in all his glory, standing in the doorway with a penetrating, yet open stare. I had to take a double take to make sure it was real and he wasn’t just bobbing around in my dream. He walked in and bowed before the altar. At this point I was completely delirious and just trying to regain my composure. I said nothing to him for the first few moments, before eventually opening my mouth with the only thing I could think of at the time “So… Are there any restaurants around here that deliver?” He replied that there weren’t any and asked why I had been so tired. I explained it to him and we made our way outside.

We walked down to a pier attached to the property of the house. At this point I wasn’t regaining my composure fast enough for my liking and I felt pretty blah. Teleson sat across from me and I just looked around. Finally I began to muster up enough sense to have a conversation with him. I asked him a few questions about the school, his own development, and the Heirophants. He answered everything quickly and fully, while on occasion looking at me, but from where I sat, it seemed more like he was looking through me. After some time passed, he stood up and expressed that he was out of time and had to leave. We walked back up to the house, he gave me some advice for the weekend, we said our farewells and he left. I figured it would be a good time to continue meditating, and I sat back down, only to have Teleson come back in handing me food he had in a tupperware container. Pretty coincidental that he had that in the car. I thanked him and he left.

The food was amazing, I’m not sure if it was genuinely just that good or if I was just that hungry, but soon after eating it I began to feel a lot better. I sat in silence for awhile just further preparing my mind, and opening my heart for the weekend that awaited me. After another hour or so, a car pulled up and a bunch of people started making their way up to the house. I greeted everyone the best I could, knowing full well they were probably wondering who this random guy was sitting in their house. We exchanged pleasantries and began talking about the school and how long everyone had been involved.

The conversation went on for a good amount of time and everyone got pretty well adjusted at which point someone suggested that we have a group meditation. So myself and 3 other students all sat down and performed the VOA. The room filled with a noticeable calm and the meditation spanned an unknown amount of time, but if I had to guess, I’d say between the meditation and sitting there in silence we were probably there for at least an hour. We were all smiles after and went on conversing until one student had to leave.

Shortly after, another group of people arrived at the house. As we introduced ourselves one person in-particular walked in and my eyes were drawn to him. We kind of stared at each other for a second and I could tell that there was a distinct difference in his eyes than in everyone else’s. I didn’t know who he was at the time but later discovered that it was Maion. A spur of the moment Q&A began and he answered everything completely and without hesitation. We all had a great time talking and hearing stories about different adepts, the levels of Hell, and subsequently how a student was rescued by Ramose, the school, and endless other topics.

After this, a few other conversations, meditating, lots of laughs, and excitement for the following day was in the air. It was a truly amazing time and that one night felt like days. I was already very satisfied with my visit and couldn’t imagine what the next few days would consist of. As the night winded down and everyone got settled in, I had an amazing chat with Napoleon, one of the most charismatic and passionate people I’ve met. Our conversation left me shaking my head, overflowing with excitement as I laid looking up at the ceiling, knowing that no dream would ever come close in comparison to the magical reality of our world.

The Gathering

The following morning came quick. Everyone was up and going about their regular morning meditations on their own time and in their own space. Some people were outside, some remained in their rooms. I chatted with Napoleon a bit, took a shower, and then him and a few other students made their way to the temple early to get it ready for everyone else. I took the opportunity to meditate. I walked down to the edge of the pier and sat down for what ended up being over an hour. The view was beautiful, the water calm, and as I meditated, from out of the quiet, nature roared. Just that moment was worth the entire trip for me. But that feeling seemed to resonate with me over and over again through out the trip.

At about 2pm a car came to pick all the remaining students up and take us to the temple. Pulling in, the first thing you notice is the beautiful land the house sits on. A beautiful yard, surrounded by tall, beautiful bamboo, accented by lush green trees in every direction. It feels as thought the earth hugs you and the sky is closer. Just being at the temple is a magical experience in it of itself.

We all made our way into the temple, and cleansed ourselves at the Altar. We were shown our rooms and secured our cots, at which point we all went back out into the living room and got comfortable. A silence captured the room and we all just sat there, content, for quite some time. In the silence I noticed that being there had an interesting effect on me. I felt a distinct rising sensation internally, as if all my energy was rising.

One student eventually broke the silence, he said that this was the only time a group of people could sit in silence and no one would feel uncomfortable by it. Everyone laughed, because it’s true. Only surrounded by your fellow brothers and sisters on the path do you find a group of people who genuinely enjoy, and feel content just sharing in the silence. We continued having a conversation for awhile until Ramose walked out.

Most of us undoubtedly looked starstruck. I didn’t know if I should bow or stand, sit or follow, so instead I just kind of aimlessly stared at him for awhile. As he entered the room you could feel the energy change, everyone grew silent, all attention was placed on him, and he radiated an energy in such a way that you could describe him as glowing, vibrant.

We made our way outside and everyone sat on the floor around him. This was to be the tone of the rest of the gathering. Wherever one of the Hierophants would be, a group of students would gather on the floor surrounding them. Ramose looked around at everyone, his eyes were powerful and piercing. He said it was nice to see some new faces, and stated “This must be Chris,” right before welcoming a long time student who had been visiting for the first time.

It was around this time that I realized how tired I had begun to feel, and in addition to that, I had a throbbing headache. At first I just chalked it up to a late night and an early morning after my trip, but I later discovered this wasn’t the case. The rest of the night was very relaxed. Lots of laughter, lots of questions, and an all around great atmosphere. At 12am it was lights out, which means that if you’re in the house you have to be sleeping or engaged in meditation, if you wanted to talk you had to go outside. Fair enough…

I walked in and changed my clothes, everyone seemed to be pretty exhausted and crashed. I wasn’t quite ready to go to sleep and was curious about what else might be going on so I made my way into the living room. Originally I had planned to find a nice spot to meditate, but then I saw Ramose and Veos just sitting on the couch. There was another student over there too so I made my way over. Sitting on the floor before them, I had nothing to say really. Eventually I figured this would be a good opportunity to ask them about some experiences I had before joining the school, to try to get a little more clarity.

After a few minutes asking them questions about themselves, which was incredibly intriguing, and some experiences, I had another question that I had been looking forward to asking them for awhile. It wasn’t anything too significant but it was an experience that made a huge impact on me. I was young, maybe 12 or 13, I began explaining to Ramose. I was laying in bed and suddenly my covers were ripped off of me, I jumped up startled, and before me there was a dog, with red eyes… Ramose kind of squinted his eyes and tilted his head, he jumped in “Was it black?” I replied “Yes!” rather wide eyed. Ramose nodded and replied “That’s my dog” he stood and the last thing he said to me that night was “You were picked for this school long before you arrived here.”

It’s hard to describe the feeling that hearing that gives you. It’s a feeling I’m sure you can all relate to now, being assured that you yourself, are meant to be here. It is not by chance, a convenient coincidence, no, you were suppose to be here. We have all the tools laid before us to achieve everything, and all we have to do is put forth the effort. A true blessing.

That night, as everyone went to sleep, a more senior student across from me began shaking and convulsing, if not from exiting the body for some astral experience with our Hierophants, from some serious Katharsis. Pretty amused, I rolled over and went to sleep. Ramose, Veos, and “one of their friends” worked on all of us that night as we slept.

The following day started early. We were all to be up and outside by 8:00 am. I was up around 6 to meditate and make sure I got into the shower early. After that I found myself kind of laying back on my cot waiting. Teleson eventually came in at about 8 on the dot and urged me to stop what I was doing and head outside. By urge, I mean he came in like a Drill Sargent. Of course, I got it easy in comparison to the student who decided to sleep in…

Outside we learned some new practices to supplement our current routines. Ramose eventually came out, and as we were doing standing postures, he did some work on us. This was the start of the longest day, packed with educational conversations and practical exercises. After the morning practices, we made our way inside for breakfast, that eventually led into more Q&A sessions, and scripture reading. Just before eating the fatigue hit me again. My headache was still there too. I was pretty used to just ignoring it by now though.

So much happened on that Saturday it’s very difficult to explain it all in detail and also keep this relatively short. I will say that at some points sitting next to the Hierophants, my mind went completely blank. At one point, everyone was outside talking with Veos, and I went and sat across from Ramose. I immediately realized that as I sat closer to him, my body naturally wanted to lean away from him. The energy coming off of him was a little intense, especially when you haven’t been there before. Later that night I learned from Demophon that a headache and fatigue were common occurrences among first time visitors. The energy of the temple is very intense. This is the reason for my energies “rising.”

That night I talked with Epandros and mentioned the conversation I had with Ramose, he told me that it was either Ramose’s dog or a familiar I had left for myself in a previous life. He said that oftentimes a magician will create things like that for himself to nudge him back onto the spiritual path in his next life. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and talking to them is beyond enjoyable. You genuinely feel that they want to help you, and they seem to enjoy doing so.

That same night, we all gathered for the transmission Veos gave. Craig and I sat in the front because it was our first time. Now, I’ve heard about people seeing faces, and also having great meditative experiences. It was hard for me to choose which route to take, but as Ramose was describing what was about to happen and our choices, I practiced just keeping my eyes open without blinking to make sure that I wouldn’t have an issue doing it. I felt pretty content with myself, so when Veos came out and was about to begin, I focused on him, and he took a deep breath. Instantly his face began to change and my eyes began to burn. It was intense! This was literally in the first few seconds, so I thought it would be best if I just closed my eyes and focused on remaining open, as opposed to dealing with my eyes burning. I closed my eyes and just focused on being open and relaxed. I saw some lights, my headache and fatigue were instantly gone, but my eyes still burned until the end of the transmission.

After the transmission, a lot of people left, some people headed to bed, some splintered off into different groups or headed to the student house. Myself and a few others stuck around and sat down with Veos outside. It was a great night. He asked how the transmission was for everyone, then looked at me and asked how it was. He commented that I looked pretty fried, I replied that I had been fried since I got there.

A student had said that usually after Veos gives a transmission he’s pretty open with discussing things. This couldn’t have been more of an understatement. We were throwing all sorts of questions at him and he was answering pretty much all of it. Every answer left everyone’s jaws on the floor. Completely mind blowing. I literally can’t even stress how amazing this little Q&A was. He said he really shouldn’t be telling us all this, but he just likes seeing our reactions. This was just the icing on the cake for me. It was pretty awesome. It’s hard to convey how mind blowing it was without actually telling you what was said, but I will reiterate, the world we live in is so much more magical than your imagination could ever possibly dream up. We sat and laughed with Veos until around 3 am. The Hierophants truly are some laid back guys. Definitely not some ascetic yogis levitating over a waterfall, unless of course those yogis love Chipotle too.

The next day started the same. Outside doing energy work, then back in for some breakfast. Sunday was much more quiet, still packed with information and great conversation, but somehow knowing it was the last day calmed everything down. Even though every day seemed so long, when it was all said and done, the gathering went by way too fast.

The amount of information you take away, the work done on you, the company and conversation, it’s all too amazing to put into words. Somehow, amazing just doesn’t quite touch it. I could write a book, just off of that weekend alone. The commute home was very different, very surreal. I was on a seriously intense spiritual high. It’s funny because while at the temple, you feel the difference but it’s hard to really gauge how big of a difference it is, until you leave. Sheesh, what a change…

I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to visit. I really wish I could properly express how beneficial, how life changing, how liberating that experience was for me. To be there, to see your fellow brothers and sisters on the path, and to be in the presence of our Hierophants. My askesis has improved a lot since I left, and I have a lot more to be motivated about. At one point during a lecture, Ramose told us to “Recklessly pursue Divinity, and unapologetically arrive at God.” That one quote, so simple, yet so deep, really captures the essence of the whole gathering. We are all here for a reason, and no one is holding you back from reaching your goals, but you. So get out of your own way, do the practices, visit your teachers, and the rest will take care of itself.

Be Victorious,
Live Forever

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