Christopher Michael Beards

Born December 10, 1989, Christopher Beards (Chris) was introduced to meditation between the early years of 10 and 12. It wasn’t until roughly the age of 15 that he was introduced into the yogic sciences by The Art of Living Foundation (TAOL), which held a Youth Empowerment Seminar at the private charter school where Chris had been attending at the time.

Not long after, during a motivational panel discussion to encourage inner-city youth, he found himself sitting in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of TAOL. Gazing silently at him, Chris immediately recognized an inner depth that he radiated. Not long after, Chris was invited to an ashram in Canada where he was granted the opportunity to experience full immersion into kriya yoga, and the yogic ashram lifestyle.

His journey of self-discovery continued for many years, with a passionate interest focused primarily on meditation, understanding the process of thought and why it is that humans experience suffering as a norm. He soon became very involved in poetry and hip-hop, as a means to reach people where they were, and hopefully show them a way out of their grief. After several years he realized that this wasn’t the way.

He soon found refuge in the school of The Divine Science, a mystery school dedicated to the use and understanding of natural and divine laws towards the purpose of self-realization, under the teachers Ramose and Veos Daskalodos. This began an irreversible process of unfolding which took him through many more schools of thought, and many different valuable teachers who would continue to nurture his growth through the years to come.

Things began to come full circle, and seeing the sameness within so many schools of thought, Chris eventually decided on aligning his worldly work, with his inner experience. Pursuing certification to teach yoga, he gravitated towards Shoshoni, an ashram in Rollinsville, Colorado, led by Rishi Maha Mandaleshwar Sri Shambhavananda, living guru of a linage dating back to Bhagawan Nityananda. He immediately fell in love with Sri Shambhavananda, the sangha, and teachings centralized around the non-dual tradition of Kashmir Shivaism.

Although teaching yoga was an important step in developing his dharma, Chris continued in his education, finding the world renowned teacher in Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga, “Mukti” Michael Buck and received initiation into this system which acts on a person on all levels, purifying and balancing, allowing for expanded states of consciousness, healing, and bliss.

It wasn’t until later he learned that Ramose, Veos, Sri Shambhavananda, and Mukti all can trace their lineages, in totality or part, to Bhagawan Nityananda. Things had truly come full circle, and a journey which traversed many teachings and philosophies, had all culminated in the all encompassing, simplicity of “I Am.”

Chris is now a meditation teacher, yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner who serves humanity through healing and raising awareness of our true nature, to free the world from the self-created and perpetuated chain of suffering.

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