A Glorious Day

It’s pretty amazing, sitting out here. Some might say to truly be immersed in nature one should venture out, experiencing the deep forests, tranquil seas, and mountain peaks, away from society and the distractions it brings. Yet here one sits, in an old garage, seated on a plain white chair that’s seen its fair share of better days; what a glorious day. The way the warm air gently blankets the skin, the sun shining life itself indiscriminately on all things within its reach. One watches as the birds fly, floating from branch to earth, soaring with ease and grace. A few bumble bees seem rather curious about this presence, while a tiny fly finds shelter within a withered door in a small hole easily overlooked.

There are a few homes within sight, and a school bus makes its rounds. A loud vehicle roars. Do they know? Often a winding mind is lost in thought; lost in time. The heart beats, and body breathes, as the gentle breeze caresses this face. So I breathe, and so too does the earth. It becomes hard to tell the difference.

One finds itself looking down at a small patch of grass growing in dimly lit, shallow soil. A dead leaf sitting nearby, with busy ants neighboring, making their rounds. Tears begin to form, but not of sadness or joy, no empty words, or mystical visions, here is life. Life is, and so I am. But then, how small the ants appear next to the great grass reaching towards the sky. How small am I below times magnificent trees? No different, to all of earth beneath the great free sky, and the witness which notices it all.

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